Masters of the Universe & PowerPC - Call for participation

The Masters of the Universe (MOTU) is a great place to help out with keeping packages in universe up to date, and bug free, particularly if you are using an architecture such as PowerPC, or another community supported architecture.

I would like to put a call out for anybody interested in working on packages for the PowerPC, whether it be fixing package build failures, updating PowerPC specific packages in universe, or trying to help fix PowerPC package crashes. If you are interested, I'd ask you to either leave a comment on this blog post, contact me on either or, or email me at TheMuso at ubuntu dot com. If there is enough interest, I may investigate whether its worthwhile creating a Launchpad team. Also don't forget that there is the Ubuntu PowerPC Architecture Team already on launchpad, so if you want to be a member of that team, go and join it right away. It is moderated, but there are no requirements to be a member.

So if you want to see better, and continued support for the PowerPC architecture, whether its to help PS3, or get more life out of your G3/G4/G5, and want to become a Master of the Universe, this is a great way to start helping out.

Submitted by Onkar Shinde (not verified) on Wed, 11/21/2007 - 22:26.

Just for the record. I am interested. I can help with packaging. :-)

Submitted by AndrewB (not verified) on Thu, 11/22/2007 - 23:51.

Hey I would be interested in helping out packaging with my mac. I started looking at MOTU stuff recently. Guidance would be fantastic! :)

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